Henri IV (3e chapitre) Le Grand Inquisiteur d'Espagne

Title: Henri IV (3e chapitre) Le Grand Inquisiteur d'Espagne
Translated Title: 
Henry IV (3rd Chapter), The Grand Inquisitor of Spain
Henry IV, 3rd chapter, The Grand Inquisitor of Spain, No. 6. The ambush …. The attackers started to flee, and only the King and Gonzaga were left fighting. - Kill me! I never strike a rival who is on the ground! - This gentleman is my prisoner. In the Castle of Loges. - So you wanted, under orders from the Grand Inquisitor, to lure me into a trap? - A trap? I surprised you fairly! No! I was deceived by means of a letter written by Dolores. My dear Sire, I shall be Sunday midnight at the intersection of the routes of Boulogne and Suresnes … come join me there, Dolores. - Dolores, that she would write this, she is so noble and so proud … No! This is impossible! - You did not know about the existence fo this letter? - I would not take part in such cowardice! Watch the rest in No. 7.
Series Title: 
Henri IV
Translated Series Title: 
Henry IV
Series Subtitle: 
Henry IV