RAMUNTCHO d'après le roman de Pierre LOTI 1ere partie

Title: RAMUNTCHO d'après le roman de Pierre LOTI 1ere partie
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Ramuntcho, from the Novel by Pierre Loti, Part 1
The Basque village of Etchezar, merely two steps away from Spain, overlooks the Pyrenean valleys with its massive steeple resembling a fortress dungeon. A boy with no known father, Ramuntcho; a young Basque mountain-dweller to the core, simple and naïve … Gracieuse, a young girl with tousled hair like a golden cloud became engaged to Ramuntcho, despite her mother's objections. "We will marry in three years, when I return from military service." "And we will leave for America and go to my Uncle Ignacio, who is rich and who has offered to have me come join him." "Until then, be prudent and fear the bullets of rifles." Because Ramuntcho was a smuggler. Today is Sunday. Ramuntcho comes to the great Mass with his mother, Franchita. A long time ago, Franchita loved a foreigner, followed him, and returned to her abandoned country … The proud Dolores, mother of Gracieuse, refused to forgive Franchita for the mistakes of bygone days. Ramuntcho as he leaves the Mass with his friend Arrochkoa, brother of Gracieuse, waits at the exit for the one whom he loves. "Later, after Vespers, we will rejoin each other at Erribiague, to play a palm game" "See you later!" To be continued in Part 2.
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