RAMUNTCHO 2e partie

Title: RAMUNTCHO 2e partie
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Ramuntcho, Part 2
Here is the hour when the match will start. Gracieuse cheers for Ramuntcho, who is one of the best pelota players of the Basque country. The mountain dwellers have come from all the neighboring hamlets. Ramuntcho, for whom this is the last match before his departure to the army, has Gracieuse attach his pelota basket. After each successful shot, the crier "sings" the score, in a rich voice, in his ancient tongue. Ramountcho performs some feats. The crier announces the victory of Ramountcho's team. Franchita returns from the church where she went to pray while her son was playing the palm game. "Franchita, your son is leaving tomorrow. He will finally leave my daughter in peace" "Do you know that he wants to marry her?" But Dolores, proud, disdainful and unmovable, does not want a bastard for her daughter. "So, Gracieuse, I am leaving tomorrow and when I return we will get married!" "In three years, I will be your wife." To be continued in Part 3.
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