RAMUNTCHO 3e partie

Title: RAMUNTCHO 3e partie
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Ramuntcho, Part 3
Months and months have passed over the small Basque village … some news as well … Ramuntcho, free, returns to the country. Franchita, sick, awaits his return. "My son!" "My mother!" Rather than marry the man whom her mother wanted for her, and facing the impossible task of convincing her to accept Ramuntcho, Gracieuse has entered the convent. Ramuntcho discovers what has happened from Arrochkoa … "You see, it's my mom who has done all of this! If you had been here … perhaps …" "And if she saw you now, who knows …" "You think?" "What's wrong, Mom?" "MOM! MOM!" "She's dead!" "My sisters, let us pray for a soul that is rising to heaven!" See the end in Part 4.
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