In Salah: No 2

Title: In Salah: No 2
Translated Title: 
In Salah: Part 2
In Salah is threatened by dunes which artificial hedges, made from the leaves of palm trees, succeed imperfectly at keeping back. Frequent sandstorms lend to the atmosphere, rendered opaque by the flying sand, a striking hue. Certain neighborhoods are buried little by little. Farther away, the dune gives way to the oasis, the vegetation of which contrasts starkly with the desert surrounding it. In the shade of the palms, some cultures prosper. Native washerwomen. In Salah is the seat of Saharan Meharist Company of Tidikelt, primarily composed of Chambaa natives. The reading of a report. On guard duty. The true element of a Meharist is the immense desert which he swears to police and provide security.
Series Title: 
In Salah
Translated Series Title: 
In Salah