Henri IV 1er chapitre le siege de paris No 1

Title: Henri IV 1er chapitre le siege de paris No 1
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Henry IV, Chapter 1 The Siege of Paris, No. 1
The night of August 1st 1589, Marie-Catherine de Lorraine, Duchesse of Montpensier, sister to Mayenne, the chief of "The League" … (Mme Claude Merelle) was proposing an alliance to Henry of Navarre, known as "The Bearnese," cousin and ally of Henry III. (M. Aimé Simon- Gerard) "Desiring to assure above all peace in the kingdom, we have resolved to name the Cardinal of Bourbon as the King of France." " Therefore I ask you to sign this act of resignation of the Throne." "I am not the King of France. My cousin Henry III is still alive." "He could very well die tomorrow!" "It is possible that you will succeed in slaying Henry III but, Corpus Christi, you will not have the hide of the Bearnese." Meanwhile in Paris, in the crypt of the Convent of the Genovefains near the Church of Saint Genevieve. These men were the all-powerful chiefs of the "The League." They were forming the Committee of the Sixteen Neighborhoods of Paris. The Duke of Mayenne, member of the Guise family, and chief of "The League." (Mr. Ruy Dorgans) The Duke of Mendoza, Ambassador to the King of Spain, Philippe II. (Mr. André Marnay) "May God protect you, you who have accepted the terrible mission." "Go my brother, go avenge us against Henry III, unworthy monarch, who plays the game of the enemies of our religion!" … and it was in this way that Jacques Clément, a young fanaticized monk, left for the camp of Henry III … To be continued in Part 2.
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Henri IV
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Henri IV
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Henry IV