Henri IV 1er chapitre le siege the paris No 2

Title: Henri IV 1er chapitre le siege the paris No 2
Translated Title: 
Henry IV, Chapter 1 The Siege of Paris, No. 2
Henry III, wanting to assume the throne in Paris, had established his camp in Saint-Cloud. (Mr. Raoul Praxy) "My cousin Henriot, is he not here?" "I would like to hand to his Majesty a petition from the Catholics of Paris!" "I will only hand this letter to the King in person" "It will not be said that the King of the Catholics refused to see a monk." "Praise God! I see that nothing upsetting has happened." "I want you to be King of France!" "… King of France … a Huguenot!" "It is his birthright, and it is my will!" August 2nd 1589, the night a drumroll announced the death of the King. "Now Sire, all you have left to do is to conquer your kingdom." To be continued in Part 3.
Series Title: 
Henri IV
Translated Series Title: 
Henri IV
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Henry IV