Henri IV 1er chapitre le siege the paris No 3

Title: Henri IV 1er chapitre le siege the paris No 3
Translated Title: 
Henry IV, Chapter 1, The Siege of Paris, No. 3
The wars continued. Henry de Naverre, now Henry IV, was preparing to deliver a decisive victory to the neighboring areas of Ivry (1590). "Keep to your ranks and rally to my white banner! You will always find it on the path to honor and victory!" "Long live King Henri!" In his castle at Montrichard, near Vendome, the Duke of Mendoza … was celebrating the engagement of his daughter Dolores (Miss Renee Heribel) to Count Louis de Gonzague, one of the chiefs of the League. (Mr. de Guingand) Two inseparable companions of Dolores, her Maid of Honor Concepcion (Ms. Madeleine Erickson) and the Tia, or chaperone. (Ms. Lefeuvrier). The Dutchess of Montpensier honored with her presence this ceremony that was destined to reaffirm the ties between the League and Spain. "Then the King of Spain is determined to support the League?" "And he is sending us reinforcements so we can be through with the Bearnese once and for all." "I await a message that will inform me of all of the projects of the King of Spain!" The Pavane. "An announcement informs us that Mayenne has been beaten at Ivry by the Bearnese." "We must enter Paris before the Bearnese reaches it. To lose Paris would mean losing the war." "We will leave at dawn." "I am thinking of the dangers you will encounter while fighting these ferocious and barbaric heretics." To be continued in Part 4.
Series Title: 
Henri IV
Translated Series Title: 
Henri IV
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Henry IV