Henri IV 1er chapitre le siege the paris No 4

Title: Henri IV 1er chapitre le siege the paris No 4
Translated Title: 
Henry IV, Chapter 1, The Siege of Paris, No. 4
Far from here, in Gascogne, in these ruins a man lived like an outcast hiding from all his name and his origin. It was Ruggieri, former astrologer of Queen Catherine de Medicis. Nightmare … "the Queen, Catherine de Medicis, why has she risen from the grave?" "Ruggieri, you betrayed me …" "You swore to avenge me of Henry de Naverre, this blasted Huguenot!" "I am powerless against destiny! The stars favor the Bearnese!" "Remember this, Ruggieri! If the Bearnese does not disappear, it is you who shall perish." Dolores de Mendoza was hastening to rejoin her father in Paris. Ruggieri was interrogating the mysterious wounded man that he'd taken in. "I was attacked by bandits. If you are Catholic, you will fulfill the mission given to me by …" To his Excellency, the Duke of Mendoza. To be continued in Part 5.
Series Title: 
Henri IV
Translated Series Title: 
Henri IV
Series Subtitle: 
Henry IV