Henri IV (1e chapitre). Le siege de Paris, No. 5.

Title: Henri IV (1e chapitre). Le siege de Paris, No. 5.
Translated Title: 
Henry IV (1st Chapter). Siege of Paris, No. 5.
Henry IV, 1st chapter, Siege of Paris, No. 5. Victorious at Ivry, Henry IV decided to lay siege to Paris and set himself up at the Chateau of Loges, close to Saint-Germain. Three loyal companions of Henry IV: Crillon (Mr. Mailly) ... Sully (Mr. Pyeriere) . . . and Chicot, the cadet of Gascony (Mr. Carlos Avril). Paris must be attacked at once! No! We have to reduce the city to famine! Never! I will not consent to starving Parisians or to spilling their blood! Then, Sire, you shall never reign! But no, I have a plan . . . make yourself Catholic! In Paris, shortages are already suffered. Enough with war! Down with the league! We have to reassure the people if we want to keep Paris . . . Because of the rumors, food will be scarce . . . Calm down, good people . . . you'll have bread. See more in No. 6.
Series Title: 
Henri IV
Translated Series Title: 
Henry IV
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Henry IV