Henri IV (2e chapitre.) Ruggieri et la Montpensier, No. 5.

Title: Henri IV (2e chapitre.) Ruggieri et la Montpensier, No. 5.
Translated Title: 
Henry IV (2nd Chapter). Ruggieri and the Montpensier, No. 5.
Henry IV, 2nd chapter, Ruggieri and the Montpensier, No. 5. In his palace of the Escorial, King Phillip II of Spain … just received news from France that caused him great unrest. - Bearnais is laying siege to Paris, and there's only enough for one month left! - Bearnais receives reinforcements everyday, but we are afiradi that he might take the capital before our forces can intervene! The Grand Inquisitor of Spain had the privilege of entering the royal apartments at any hour (Mr. Maurice SCHUTZ). - Sire, your duty is to save France by lifting the crown off Bearnais' head and putting it on your own head! - Our enemies our winning and I fear God has abandoned us! You blaspheme sire! Shame on you if you do not take the crown of the heirs of Saint Louis! The Holy Inquisition has condemned Bearnais to death; time to execute the sentence! - Who'll take that on? - Me! This evening I shall leave secretly for Paris! - But it is under siege, you would have to go through a thousand dangers to get there! - God protect His servant! - This act, signed by Your Majesty, shall give me full political and military powers! See more in No. 6.
Series Title: 
Henri IV
Translated Series Title: 
Henry IV
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Henry IV