Mylord L'Arsouille (1er Chap) Nina, No. 4.

Title: Mylord L'Arsouille (1er Chap) Nina, No. 4.
Translated Title: 
Milord Arsouille (1st Chapter) Nina, No. 4.
Milord Arsouille, 1st chapter, Nina, No. 4. This sudden visit impressed Fieschi very much. - What are you doing with all these guns? - I am preparing to fight for liberty! - Look at me carefully, don't you recognize me? - Milord Arsouille! - This is why I came, I love your step-daughter, Nina; you know I am rich, noble …. - Nina, like me, disdains wealth. - Yes, I know, she loves another, Jacques Montbrun. - Fair play - if Nina doesn't consent in 24 hours, it'll cost you dearly …. Fieschi understood that his project was at the mercy of Milord Arsouille. - I accept! - You'll give me Nina's answer? - Your silence is a response in itself. Saint-Cricq divulged the news of Milord Arsouille's marriage. - Do you imagine that he refuses to share the bride's name? When Milord Arsouille appeared he was in good spirits. Yes, this chatty Saint-Cricq is right, I am getting married, I invite you all to the burial of my bachelor life. At Fieschi's. - There's something important we have to talk about. The great man Lord Seymour would like to marry you. - Milord Arsouille! - It was unexpected. This man is fabulously wealthy... - He makes me scared, I want to stay close to mother. - Confess then that you love Jacques Montbrun. - You'll marry him, I tell you, I demand it! Watch more in No. 5.
Series Title: 
Mylord L'Arsouille
Translated Series Title: 
Milord Arsouille
Series Subtitle: 
Milord Arsouille