Mylord L'Arsouille (1er Chap) Nina, No. 6.

Title: Mylord L'Arsouille (1er Chap) Nina, No. 6.
Translated Title: 
Milord Arsouille (1st Chapter) Nina, No. 6.
Milord Arsouille, 1st chapter, Nina, No. 6. At midnight Jacques Montbrun felt that he finished his tasks and left the offices of the "Republican Monitor". - Now we have to make him disappear. They took Montbrun to Pepin's house, in Lilas. - Is he dead? - No, but he's as good as dead. - Above all, no one may know he's here. - Hurry up, Pepin, they're waiting for us! The rag-picker Aristide made a special discovery. - Mr. Jacques' wallet, for example …. The next chapter will be titled "THE INFERNAL MACHINE".
Series Title: 
Mylord L'Arsouille
Translated Series Title: 
Milord Arsouille
Series Subtitle: 
Milord Arsouille