Mylord L'arsouille (3e chap.) Redemption, No. 1.

Title: Mylord L'arsouille (3e chap.) Redemption, No. 1.
Translated Title: 
Milord Arsouille (3rd Chapter) Redemption, No. 1.
Milord Arsouille, 3rd chapter, Redemption, No. 1. Having turned over the two bandits to the police, Lord Seymour took in Jacques Montbrun at his residence. Nina's heart was broken … Jacques, whose pallor scared her … was there in front of her. Oh sir, I owe you so much already! Towards evening, Nina overheard a few words exchanged by Maria Benares and Lord Seymour. - The situation of Jacques Montbrun is terrible, the evidence is overwhelming. - Fieschi could not engineer such a plan on his own … Milord Arsouille must have wanted, by aiding him, to get rid of a dangerous rival …. - This wretch has me at his mercy … how to prove Jacques Montbrun's innocence. Nina was saddened by these revelations. - Jacques, I am going where duty calls me. - Where is she going? Watch more in No. 2.
Series Title: 
Mylord L'Arsouille
Translated Series Title: 
Milord Arsouille
Series Subtitle: 
Milord Arsouille