Mylord L'arsouille (3e chap.) Redemption, No. 2.

Title: Mylord L'arsouille (3e chap.) Redemption, No. 2.
Translated Title: 
Milord Arsouille (3rd Chapter) Redemption, No. 2.
Milord Arsouille, 3rd chapter, Redemption, No. 2. At Milord Arsouille's …. - I did not expect your visit … did Lord Seymour send you? - I came of my own will, and if you are at all my friend …. - But Nina, you are my only love! - If you really loved me, you would not have acted as you had …. - Because of your maneuvers, my fiance is accused of an odious crime! - I swear that I never acted against Jacques Montbrun in any way. - Abandon the life you are leading, you are loved by a woman as famous as she is good …. - Maria Benares! - Go Nina, your plan was not useless, I'll take care of Jacques Montbrun. True to his promise to Nina, Milord Arsouille presented himself to the prefect of the Police. - I am about to give you information that will let you unmask the planners of the attack. - The man who really planned it is a man who goes by Gerard but whose real name is Fieschi. - But he denies it! And two people arrested as accomplices declare that they do not know him and accuse the still unfound Jacques Montbrun. - Bring them to me, and I will take it on to unmask them. Jacques Montbrun just woke up …. - Prepare yourself for a great joy! Watch more in No. 3.
Series Title: 
Mylord L'Arsouille
Translated Series Title: 
Milord Arsouille
Series Subtitle: 
Milord Arsouille