Mylord L'arsouille (3e chap.) Redemption, No. 3.

Title: Mylord L'arsouille (3e chap.) Redemption, No. 3.
Translated Title: 
Milord Arsouille (3rd Chapter) Redemption, No. 3.
Milord Arsouille, 3rd chapter, Redemption, No. 3. Fieschi still was in the police infirmary. You lied! We know your name: Giuseppe Fieschi. - My name is Gerard! - Here are Fieschi's accomplices. - I would like to confirm yet again that I do not know these men. Come on, confess! it is the only way you can save your skin! - OK, it was really Fieschi who wrote the letter accusing Montbrun, who we had to make disappear. Watch the end in No. 4.
Series Title: 
Mylord L'Arsouille
Translated Series Title: 
Milord Arsouille
Series Subtitle: 
Milord Arsouille