Violettes Imperiales (1er chap.) Violetta, No. 6.

Title: Violettes Imperiales (1er chap.) Violetta, No. 6.
Translated Title: 
Imperial Violets (1st Chapter) Violetta, No. 6.
Imperial Violets, 1st chapter, Violetta, No. 6. Each Fall the court moved its residence to the Chateau of Compiegne. Thanks to the affectionate goodwill of her august protector, the little Spanish flower seller became one of the most celebrated artists in Paris. Hubert, Count of St. Affremond, lieutenant in the regiment of guides. Miss Helene de Perry-Pronsac. The marquise, her mother. - I noticed, my daugther, that you visited the sovereign more willingly when this St. Affremond was in service at the chateau? - Alas! I am miserable, as he loves a very important lady. - … Yes, a very important lady who does not love him back! - For your peace, little one, and for mine as well, this man shall be posted elsewhere. Doctor Malaverre, a learned man, was considered to have very advanced opinions, and did not bother with political scruples. - Rest assured, my ladies, that such a scandal at court would have divorce as its result, and that would undermine the fragile base of this regime. - Dear doctor, this scandal will get going in a few days, but we could provoke it now, listen to me! Watch more in No. 7.
Series Title: 
Violettes Imperiales
Translated Series Title: 
Imperial Violets
Series Subtitle: 
Imperial Violets