Violettes Imperiales (1er chap.) Violetta, No. 8.

Title: Violettes Imperiales (1er chap.) Violetta, No. 8.
Translated Title: 
Imperial Violets (1st Chapter) Violetta, No. 8.
Imperial Violets, 1st chapter, Violetta, No. 8. At the secret print shop of LIGHTHOUSE, the oppostion organ. … And the brutal denouement that shall put an end tonight to the Imperial idyll shall be …. - Manuel. - If you won't leave France by tomorrow you'll get arrested. - I shall defy tyranny; otherwise, the scandal that will burst tomorrow evening in the tyrant's own palace will show everyone the corruption of this regime. - Which scandal? Speak! - In the name of our poor mother, protect your life, your liberty, flee! ... Watch more in No. 9.
Series Title: 
Violettes Imperiales
Translated Series Title: 
Imperial Violets
Series Subtitle: 
Imperial Violets