Violettes Imperiales (1er chap.) Violetta, No. 10.

Title: Violettes Imperiales (1er chap.) Violetta, No. 10.
Translated Title: 
Imperial Violets (1st Chapter) Violetta, No. 10.
Imperial Violets, 1st chapter, Violetta, No. 10. - Help me, sir, to save Her Majesty, do what I tell you! - I wanted, despite your contradiction, to bring St. Affremond to the chateau tonight, I am so sorry …. - Miss Violetta is lying - it was I who followed her into the boudoir, where she was trying to hide from me. - My poor child! Only secrets for your great friend. - Your commanders will review your conduct and judge accordingly, and I shall not disapprove of the severity of their sanctions. - I cannot, alas, Miss, share the Empress' leniency. Watch more in No. 11.
Series Title: 
Violettes Imperiales
Translated Series Title: 
Imperial Violets
Series Subtitle: 
Imperial Violets