Violettes Imperiales (1er chap.) Violetta, No. 11.

Title: Violettes Imperiales (1er chap.) Violetta, No. 11.
Translated Title: 
Imperial Violets (1st Chapter) Violetta, No. 11.
Imperial Violets, 1st chapter, Violetta, No. 11. At the Italian Opera during an intermission. - Tonight, the police will descend on opposition journals, I hope your brother is far away? - I fear, alas, that he did not flee, my God, what do to? … Yes, as far as you know, this rascal is still in Paris go right now and tell him to run away. - The third act is about to begin. - Oh! My dear Count, if you will! - Oh my, you do not expect me to warn the people I am about to arrest! - Violetta. The audience are stamping their feet, hurry to the stage! Watch the end in No. 12.
Series Title: 
Violettes Imperiales
Translated Series Title: 
Imperial Violets
Series Subtitle: 
Imperial Violets