Title: Jocaste
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Jocaste based on the work of Anatole France. "We saw the woman hanging" Sophocles. (King Oedipus). Mr. Haviland of Liverpool, rich and an original collector … looking for a Samuel Ewart who once saved his family from ruin. Follaire de Suzac, a businessman … of all types. - Please, sit. Mr. Samuel Ewart is asked to make his current address known to Mr. Martin Haviland, whose address is 10, Avenue de Tokio, Paris. - Mr. Haviland, would you want me to find this Samuel Ewart? - I have little hope. Samuel is the only descendant of our benefactor. If I track him down, I will pay my debt of gratitude. - I'll introduce you to my attendant and friend Groult. - He actively seconds my research. Mr. de Sizac returned to his house, very happy to announce the good news to his daughter, Helen. - Mr. Longuemare, it's kind of you for coming to keep company with my daughter … - My child, I've found a wonderful deal. And in no time, my little Helen will have a dowry she deserves. - Please excuse me, Helen, but I find myself obliged to bid you farewell. See more on Part 2.
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