On ne badine pas avec l'amour, No. 1

Title: On ne badine pas avec l'amour, No. 1
Translated Title: 
You Do Not Play With Love, No. 1
You Do Not Play With Love. An 8-part play based on the masterpiece by Alfred de Musset. The baron waits for Perdican, his son, and his niece, Camille, both of whom were missing for a number of years and they have just arrived at the castle. (The Baron: Mr. Paul Hubert). Camille leaves the convent. (Ms. Lysienne Bernhardt, granddaughter of the illustrious actress). Perdican studied law in Paris. (Mr. Jacques Christiany) And the Baron nourishes the hope of uniting these two young people. - Hello my children, hello my dear Perdican. - My uncle and my cousin, I greet you. - Now, Camille, kiss your cousin. - Excuse me … - If my cousin backs away when I hand her my hand I'll tell you in my turn: excuse me; love can steal a kiss, but not the friendship. Come, my children, is that how you treat each other after ten years apart? A couple so well matched! … And to say that their education cost me six thousand crowns!!! See what follows on No. 2.
Series Title: 
On ne badine pas avec l'amour
Translated Series Title: 
You Don't Play with Love
Series Subtitle: 
You Do Not Play With Love