On ne badine pas avec l'amour, No. 4

Title: On ne badine pas avec l'amour, No. 4
Translated Title: 
You Do Not Play With Love, No. 4
No. 4. You Do Not Play With Love (continued). The meeting. - Let's talk about our friendship. I left and I came to talk to you for that reason. - … I'm going to take the vows, and become a nun. Is it possible Camille? What pushed you to do this? - There are two hundred women in our convent. More than one, amongst us, left the monastery, as I left today, joyous and full of hope. They came back a short time afterwards, old and desolate. I have a friend there who is not even thirty years old. She was a peeress of Parliament and when was married to one of the most distinguished men in France … She was the most beautiful and the noblest creature to walk the Earth. However, her husband cheated, and she died of despair. Me, I want to love, but I don't want to suffer; I want to love an eternal love, and to make vows that we would never break. - So, return to your convent, and when you do your recitations answer with what I tell you: all men are liars, hypocrites, proud, or loose. - All women are faithless, artificial, vain and depraved. We are often decieved in love, often wounded and often unhappy … but we love it! See more on No. 5.
Series Title: 
On ne badine pas avec l'amour
Translated Series Title: 
You Don't Play with Love
Series Subtitle: 
You Do Not Play With Love