Surcouf (2e chapitre), Les Pontons Anglais, No. 1

Title: Surcouf (2e chapitre), Les Pontons Anglais, No. 1
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Surcouf (2nd Chapter), The English Pontoons, No. 1
Surcouf (2nd chapter), The English Pontoons, No. 1. Surcouf had Madiana transported to a cabin on the "Kent." - Don't worry, Madiana, you are safe. - Marcof? - Dead! During an expedition, his ship was attacked … Marcof disappeared … - The two Hindus, seeing that they'd lost the battle, decided to blow up the "Kent." - They hid on board, and when they searched it, they took me. - We found these bandits when they were about to set fire to the powder! - Hang these scoundrels in a yard! - My son! May Shiva save you and avenge us! See more in Number 2.
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