Les nids des oiseaux, No. 1

Title: Les nids des oiseaux, No. 1
Translated Title: 
Birds' Nests, No. 1
Birds' nests. I. Familiar birds. Birds build nests to lay their eggs and raise their children. Sparrow's nest. The Swallow builds its nest under the cornice of homes. The Stork builds its nest of branches at the tops of houses. The Bunting places its nest in bushes and hedges. Reed Bunting's nest. Warbler's nest. The Warbler feeds its offspring with insects. The Finch has its nest in a hole in a wall … or in the trees of our orchards. Here are two young finches waiting for a mouthful. The Magpie builds its nest on top of trees; it's a ball of twigs with a lateral entrance. See the end on Number 2.
Series Title: 
Les nids des oiseaux
Translated Series Title: 
Birds' Nests