Les nids des oiseaux, No. 2

Title: Les nids des oiseaux, No. 2
Translated Title: 
Birds' Nests, No. 2
Birds' nests., No. 2. Wild Birds. The Lark builds its nest "in the furrows when the corn is budding." The Great Spotted Woodpecker builds its nest in a hole in the trunk of a tree. Here are two Kingfishers at the bottom of a tunnel dug in the bank of a river. Pheasants build their nests on the ground away from the herbs that grow in the woods. The Heron's nest, side-by-side, at the top of large trees. They interlace dry twigs and decorate the interior of their nests with dry herbs and fluff. Here is a Senegalese Finch constructing its bulging nest at the end of a flexible branch. The Gannets (Norway, Scotland) lay one or two eggs in the hollow center of a small earth mound. The nest, in large numbers, on top of cliffs in the desert. The eagle designates its home on inacessible rocks. The tropical birds build their nests on rocks in tropical regions. The Ostritch lays its eggs in the hole dug into the sand, near a clump of vegetation in the harsh desert. The End.
Series Title: 
Les nids des oiseaux
Translated Series Title: 
Birds' Nests