Schlittage dans les Vosges

Title: Schlittage dans les Vosges
Translated Title: 
Sledging in the Vosges
Pathe Baby Educator, Sledging in the Vosges. Separated from the Joura by the trench of Belfort, the Vosges extends for over 160 kilometers in between Lorraine and Alsace. The forests of pine and beech trees cover all of their slopes. Sledging consists of descending through the woods over slopes on sledges. A type of sledge. The sledge consists of two horizontal frames, with forward curved side rails on the front. The sledge over shoulders, the sledgers climb toward the top. The loading of the sledge, the upper frame carries the wood to transport. Through the cutting lodge. Going down the slopes. The sledge slides over the path of wood that follows the contours of the mountain. The sledger's task is to hold back the burden that pushes him. Arriving to the bottom of the slope. (One man is enough for several cubic meters of wood). Unloading the sledge. The wood will be shaped in one of the numerous sawmills in Vosges.