Face à l'Océan, No. 13

Title: Face à l'Océan, No. 13
Translated Title: 
The Oceanfront, No. 13
The Oceanfront, No. 13. The man is an apprentice. Pain is his master. - Three boats did not return. - The insurance will pay for it. - The crews were lost. - God rest their souls. - It's your fault as well! Your boats are half-rotted! - If that's the reason you came here, you can get the hell out! - Human lives, they don't matter to you! … not even the life of your son! - What are you trying to say, Kernic? - Yes … your second son is among a number of victims! - Good heavens! My second son too! "See, it is she who takes men, husbands, fathers, sons, all of them! It is she who took your father!" (Jean Richepin). - If fate was just, it would let us, the old, be the first to die. See more on Number 14.
Series Title: 
Face à l'Océan
Translated Series Title: 
The Oceanfront