Face à l'Océan, No. 14

Title: Face à l'Océan, No. 14
Translated Title: 
The Oceanfront, No. 14
The Oceanfront, No. 14. Germaine's lesson. Victor Hugo, "The Art of Being A Grandfather." While eating your oranges with a frightened look, My little angels, you seem to fear me a little today. Why? You must always expect my goodness. Jeanne, and it is the ancestor's duty to be tender." - Mama, I'm hungry. - Don't waste it. - That's all that you put on it? But an angel was watching over. Be forty years of age, proud, triumphant, and here you are defeated by a little child. Forgiving everything is a lot; giving everything is too much. well I give it all and forgive it all to my children..- Here, Grandma, inside there are plenty of good things. See more on Number 15.
Series Title: 
Face à l'Océan
Translated Series Title: 
The Oceanfront