La Passerelle Tragique, No. 2

Title: La Passerelle Tragique, No. 2
Translated Title: 
The Tragic Bridge, No. 2
The Tragic Bridge, No. 2 (continued). - Gentlemen, I'm meeting with you about a job with which I was just entrusted. - It's already noon! The factory is closing for the day, let's take advantage of it and go to that place where this explanation will be easier. - You're familiar with Satan's Island, situated in the middle of the Gorges of Hell … - The basic bridge that you see was constructed ten years ago, which allowed us to exploit the riches of the island. - Entrepeneurs have decided to replace this bridge, I just received an order for a metal bridge. - This work of art is not as old because the foundation of the bridge will be constructed on a steep rock. - Do not ignore your qualifications, I've thought to make this a competition between you two. - So get to work, gentlemen, because time is running out. See more on Number 3.
Series Title: 
La Passerelle Tragique
Translated Series Title: 
The Tragic Bridge