L'Arlésienne, No. 2

Title: L'Arlésienne, No. 2
Translated Title: 
The Girl from Arles, No. 2
The Girl from Arles, No. 2 (continued). In Provence, it is believed that the safeguard of a house is having an innocent living there. - Say, shepherd, you didn't finish telling me the story. What did the wolf do to Mr. Seguin's goat? - They fought for the entire night. Next, the little white day arrived. Then, she lied down on the ground, in her beautiful white fur, all stained in blood and the wolf threw himself upon her and ate her. - She would have also been wise to let herself be eaten all at once, right? Frederi, growing more and more loving toward the girl from Arles, didn't hesitate to return to Arles under any circumstances. The Castelet farm was topped with a high tower, used as an attic and "Innocent" was prohibited from going there for fear of an accident. - Do you want to fall, damn child! See more on Number 3.
Series Title: 
Translated Series Title: 
The Girl from Arles