L'Arlésienne, No. 3

Title: L'Arlésienne, No. 3
Translated Title: 
The Girl from Arles, No. 3
The Girl from Arles, No. 3 (continued). At the Castelet farm, Frederi did not fall in love at the first sight of this girl from Arles, who passed by flirtatiously … but his growing concern worried Rose Mamai. - My child, I know your secret. - Let me do it … and if this woman is worthy of you … that's good! You will marry her … Before the proposal, Rose instructed her brother, the boss, Marc, to go to the information, and the impatient Frederic, went before his uncle. - Not so fast, small child! ... You going to break our reins. - Well then! Hey, what exactly is that family, there? Brave and simple gentlemen, like you and me. - Poor child! Loving and suffering, it will be his planet, at the end of it! See more on Number 4.
Series Title: 
Translated Series Title: 
The Girl from Arles