L'Arlésienne, No. 6

Title: L'Arlésienne, No. 6
Translated Title: 
The Girl from Arles, No. 6
The Girl from Arles, No. 6 (continued). Frederi didn't speak to the Girl from Arles anymore. But after always seeing him sad and alone, Rose Mamai feared a disaster. - Look, to remove this woman from his heart … it will require a woman … if you would like, it can be you Vivette … Oh! Me, Godmother, I'm sure that he would never love me. - How do you know? Did you tell him that you love him? ... You tremble in front of him, you lower your eyes. To please men, you must laugh, you must show your teeth … - Listen, Vivette, this is a mother that's asking you … my child is in danger, and only you can save him. - Work in a little bit of that Girl from Arles, … he does not seem to be resting on her shoulder. - Look. Look at me. It's because she's beautiful like a flower. You are beautiful, you love him, go! - If that were me, I would know better! Frederi continued his dream: "Then she approached gently behind the wall and, as I turned toward her, she let out a laugh with all of her might, a shower of rose petals …" - You! ... It's you! ... But what will I do with your laughter? Your unbearable laughter! - It's because … It's because I love you and I was told that in order to please men you have to laugh ... - It's a great misfortune for this love to come to you, Vivette … because I don't love you. - Oh I'm very well aware. But I beg you! Look for a woman other than that Girl from Arles over whom you despair … Everyone is not as ugly as Vivette. - Neither beautiful! ... Nor Ugly! ... All of them horrify me. Lies and Lies again! So you, who hangs onto my knees, are trying to tell me that there's some woman out there without a Mitifio that will come with letters! - Ah! You can clearly see that I'm crazy and I need to be left alone! See more on Number 7.
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Translated Series Title: 
The Girl from Arles