L'Arlésienne, No. 7

Title: L'Arlésienne, No. 7
Translated Title: 
The Girl from Arles, No. 7
The Girl from Arles, No. 7 (continued). Rose Mamai was ashamed of this haunting thought that she dared to submit herself to. - Why did I want to meet with you? ... Here it is! ... It's about my son who is dying … - Dying! … Why? … What does he have? - It's because he is still distraught about the Girl from Arles abandoning him. This fight has exhausted him and his love is killing him. - Ha! Ha! We had to come to Camarague to hear these superstitions. - A twenty year-old man, solidly bound by the anchors of his morals, will not slip because of his frustration with love. - Listen to this sourette … this is the fashionable romance in Alcazar de Seville. "Fortunately we do not die from love." - It sounds good, on empty barrels. - Your song is a lie, Marc. There are plenty of twenty year-olds who die from love. Even when they face this slow death, they kill themselves to have a quicker ending. - In the end, look … he cannot get married … to her. - Why not? If I agreed to welcome that wench into my house, calling her "my girl," do you think that will be less difficult for me than others. - I know one person who does not see this, for example! - Here's my cloak and my stick master Francet, you've made my day, now I can leave … Answer me, honestly, shepherd. Do you think this child would be capable of killing himself if we don't allow him to see this girl. - And you would rather see him die? - A hundred times! - Go away, pathetic woman! ... Go away, witch! See more on Number 8.
Series Title: 
Translated Series Title: 
The Girl from Arles