L'Arlésienne, No. 10

Title: L'Arlésienne, No. 10
Translated Title: 
The Girl from Arles, No. 10
The Girl from Arles, No. 10 (conclusion). Rose Mamai, more than ever, watched over her son … Frederi slept with her youngest, very close to the Magnanerie, the poor old woman prepared a light on the side of their room … - They're singing downstairs, the shepherd himself made a mistake: "It wil be nothing, a final boom of thunder, as such a storm concludes." - Everything makes me tremble before him … guns, the well, the attic … his eyes frightened me, tonight! ... Frederi! - Help! ... My child is going to kill himself … Look, sailor … see if you can't die from love. On this morning, the people of the village asked themselves what could've cried in Castelet … It was, on the ground covered with blood, the mother who lamented with her dead son in her arms. The End.
Series Title: 
Translated Series Title: 
The Girl from Arles