Title: Mounet-Sully
Translated Title: 
Mounet-Sully, Famous French Actor (1841-1916). The incomparable dean of the of the Comédie-Française shined in his both his classical and modern repertoire. Here is the famous artist playing the role of Hamlet (scene of the gravediggers). It was in his role of Oedipus that Mounet-Sully triumphed by the greatness of his acting, the nobility of his gesture, and his allure. Oedipus appears, with a bloody face, on the steps of his palace. He has just gouged out his eyes and curses fatality. 1875, Amphitryon by Moliere. 1890, Hernani by Victor Hugo. The great actors of the past can only leave their names on posterity, their creations were doomed to nothingness. The end.