Léontine Trottin

Title: Léontine Trottin
Translated Title: 
Leontine Trottin
Leontine Trottin, a comedy. The mischievous and uncorrectable had to spend eight days at a milliner's shop. - Take this hat to Mrs. Beaucaquet's house, on Endives Road, it is very urgent. - Look at this mess! You haven't even swept … go along naughty girl and hurry! - Oh! What a pretty hat! It would look so nice on my head. After having walked for an hour with the hat on her head … Leontine finally arrived to the client's house. - Here are five francs for your tip. Sliding down the rail of the stairs, Leontine quickly reached the street … Now I have five in, my pleasure is sweet, A pretty hat, In the air of a familiar tune, la la la la la! - Oh no, I hear the customer coming downstairs … I have to run. After hiding several times along the way, Leontine arrived at the milliner's shop, followed by two of her victims. - How dare you take a hat that isn't yours? ... - Go to your mother's house. The moral of the story: Integrity is a rule for all of our duties. The End.