Les Cinq Gentlemen Maudits, No. 2

Title: Les Cinq Gentlemen Maudits, No. 2
Translated Title: 
The Five Accursed Gentlemen, No. 2
A month later, Mr. Le Guertec waited for the departure of a ship headed toward Africa. - Kaladjian! ... - I'm heading to Tunisia. - What a pleasant coincidence! My friend, Mr. Lawson, (Mr. Pierre Regnier) and I are leaving on the same ship. - Tell me, Kaladjian, it seems to me that you know this young girl? - It's the young girl from the smokehouse. At first, we got to know each other quickly. Jacqueline was returning to Tunis to join her father who owned rich plantations. That night, Kaladjian and Le Geurantec started a game of Baccarat. - I offer you your revenge Kaladjian ... double or nothing! - EIGHT! - Sorry, I have NINE! Vino Veritas (wine). The white Tunisia. Mr. Delvias came aboard to look for his daughter. Father, I introduce you to my friends who spoiled me during the trip. - I hope so. Gentlemen, give me the pleasure of welcoming you into my home, if your stay in Tunisia is extended. See more on Number 3.
Series Title: 
Les Cinq Gentlemen Maudits
Translated Series Title: 
The Five Accursed Gentlemen