Les Cinq Gentlemen Maudits, No. 3

Title: Les Cinq Gentlemen Maudits, No. 3
Translated Title: 
The Five Accursed Gentlemen, No. 3
The Five Accursed Gentlemen (continued). The terrace of the Majestic Hotel, in Tunis. - I see the two friends down there, allow me to introduce you. - … Mr. Midlock. - and Mr. Madolini. The Five Gentlemen decide to visit the Bazaar. The amulet merchant … (Aicha Mabrouka) ... And her father (Si Ahmed Ben Abdallah). - Sons of dogs! ... Mangy Muts! ... I curse you! … You will all die!!! - This one first, because he hit me! - … you next! … - … then you! … - …you fourth! - You will all die, one after the other, before the full moon. - … And you fifth! The little one who's laughing over there, you will die last. I curse all of you! … Every One! See more on Number 4.
Series Title: 
Les Cinq Gentlemen Maudits
Translated Series Title: 
The Five Accursed Gentlemen