Les Cinq Gentlemen Maudits, No. 4

Title: Les Cinq Gentlemen Maudits, No. 4
Translated Title: 
The Five Accursed Gentlemen, No. 4
The Five Accursed Gentlemen, No. 4 (continued). Lawson and Madolini left Tunis for Naples on the evening tide. Kaladjian decided to walk his friends to their boat. - The sea is getting rough, it would be wise to return. - I'm going to trim the sails, there is too much wind. - Gone! … Sank straight to the bottom. In Borg el Hamri, at settler Delvias's villa, where the two friends were spending their vacation. - This telegram brings us sad news, my dear Kaladjian. "Lawson wanted to raise the bet with a number of whiskeys and cocktails and as he was leaving the bar, he walked into traffic and was hit by car. From, Madolini." - First Midlock, now our poor friend Lawson. The second death, in the order of that damn sorcerer's prediction. - And the second since June's moon cycle. See more on Number 5.
Series Title: 
Les Cinq Gentlemen Maudits
Translated Series Title: 
The Five Accursed Gentlemen