La Fortune de Colette, No. 1

Title: La Fortune de Colette, No. 1
Translated Title: 
The Fortune of Colette, No. 1
The Fortune of Colette, No. 1, a children's comedy with 8 parts. On this day, unexpected news was spreading between the inhabitants of Miller Farm. - Instead of staying here, as still as a post, you should go and watch the kids. I'm sure they're already up to something foolish! There, right when I told you! What obnoxious children! They all look like you Anselme! And to think that we're going to have another one! "Ms., Colette was orphaned yesterday, I going to send her to you on a train at 3:36pm tomorrow. J.L. Smith." - You must admit, Anselme, that their family is impolite! The 3:36pm Train. - Travelers to Denver by car! Drinnnn … the alarm is going off. What's happening? -It's simply little Colette, who busy paying attention to her friends Friquet and Javotte forgot her station. Javotte! … Javotte! I'm sure they feel lost, all three of them in a new environment! … See more on Number 2.
Series Title: 
La Fortune de Colette
Translated Series Title: 
The Fortune of Colette