La Fortune de Colette, No. 6

Title: La Fortune de Colette, No. 6
Translated Title: 
The Fortune of Colette, No. 6
The Fortune of Colette, No. 6 (continued). A philosopher in his palace of greenery. - Javotte, I want you to come here! - Javotte! … My little Javotte!! … Come quickly so I can wash you. Do you want something to eat! You must be hungry … - It's a bottle of Boston Beans that I found at the front of a grocery store and I put it in my wallet. No Friquet, it will mess up your stomach. - What's your name? - I'm a wanderer. - Where are you going? - Wherever I'd like. I fled the wicked so I could live in freedom. - And now, I'm on my way! Go wanderer, go! Good luck, little girl, and don't take anymore geese out of the ponds. During this time Javotte returns cheerfully, while tracing her steps. Colette's mind will push her to make a big resolution in No. 7.
Series Title: 
La Fortune de Colette
Translated Series Title: 
The Fortune of Colette