La Fortune de Colette, No. 7

Title: La Fortune de Colette, No. 7
Translated Title: 
The Fortune of Colette, No. 7
The Fortune of Colette, No. 7 (continued). The bath and the great outdoors heightened Javotte's appetite. - Bad Javotte! You're going to overfill your stomach! Do you want a spanking for not having manners? - I don't ever want to see these animals in the house again. I've had enough of you, too! Being true friends, Friquet and Javotte shared in the misery of their little owner. - Listen, Friquet and Javotte, we're going to be wanderers and flee the wicked so we can live happily. Jack Milligan, after long travels abroad, returned to his native country after being called back for a special duty. "My dear Jack, may this letter reach you during your long voyage. My disease has reached it's fatal stage. And my biggest fear is to leave our sweet little daughter Colette by herself." - I don't know where that little pest went. She left here this morning and I haven't seen her since. - Then, it's your fault, Anselme. You always have something to say to that little girl! - You, run to the village and tell them that you haven't seen your cousin. How will the Colette's adventure end? Watch and see on Number 8.
Series Title: 
La Fortune de Colette
Translated Series Title: 
The Fortune of Colette