La Fortune de Colette, No. 8

Title: La Fortune de Colette, No. 8
Translated Title: 
The Fortune of Colette, No. 8
The Fortune of Colette, No. 8 (conclusion). An amusing sight in the rural countryside tore Jack away from his sorrowful meditation. - Aren't you the little Colette? I am a wanderer that's passing by. I fled the wicked to live in freedom. - Colette! … my little wanderer. A few seconds later, the car stopped in front of the Miller farm, to the amazement of the family. For Colette, the bad days were in the past, she was going towards a new destination. - I'll see you! I'm going to ask Papa if I can come pick you up in the car and we'll all be happy! - No, no! I'm not shaking your hand. Now that I'm no longer in your house, I don't have to observe manners. The End.
Series Title: 
La Fortune de Colette
Translated Series Title: 
The Fortune of Colette