Mon Oncle Benjamin, No. 3

Title: Mon Oncle Benjamin, No. 3
Translated Title: 
My Uncle Benjamin, No. 3
My Uncle Benjamin, No. 3 (continued). The dinner took place at Manette's house. The guests were all chosen and would not have thrown such a party in his normal life. What wonderful wit your brother-in-law has. This is the son-in-law that I must have! (Doctor Minxit: Mr. Garande). - You do me a great honor Doctor Minxit, can I tell my brother-in-law about your proposal? - But here's how, my dear Machecourt. Tell him that I'm honored to be assisted by him in my industry. Mr. Minxit, because he liked Benjamin, found it natural that his daughter would love Benjamin. But she had love for a young squier, Mr. de Pont-Casse. - Oh, my divine Arabelle! - Oh! My handsome, musketeer!! That same night Mr Mechancourt came back home very happy - I found a wife for Benjamin. - Mr. Minxit told me to ask his daughter if she would marry Benjamin. How my Uncle Benjamin, who was not very sober, caught a glimpse of Ms. Minxit through the smoke and alcohol. - I refuse! Ms. Minxit is five feet, three inches tall … We'll spoil the human race! See more on Number 4.
Series Title: 
Mon Oncle Benjamin
Translated Series Title: 
My Uncle Benjamin