Mon Oncle Benjamin, No. 4

Title: Mon Oncle Benjamin, No. 4
Translated Title: 
My Uncle Benjamin, No. 4
My Uncle Benjamin, No. 4 (continued). After my mother convinced my uncle to get to a reasonable conclusion, they left the next Sunday to meet with Dr. Minxit. Benjamin expected a heavenly incident to get him out of a situation that would be painful for all of them. - What's so funny? It's Mrs. Machecourt who just left on a donkey, she's taking her brother to Mr. Minxit's house. Unfortunately, the heavens intervened in a way that opposed my uncle's desires. - Where are you going? - Why … to your house! - Oh that, where did you come from? - I was looking for you, my dear sister. Go, along the road, my daughter wants to meet her fiancee. See more on Number 5.
Series Title: 
Mon Oncle Benjamin
Translated Series Title: 
My Uncle Benjamin