Mon Oncle Benjamin, No. 5

Title: Mon Oncle Benjamin, No. 5
Translated Title: 
My Uncle Benjamin, No. 5
My Uncle Benjamin, No. 5 (continued). We celebrated the baptism of the seventh Machecourt child. My uncle, compact and solemn, climbed the steps of the church, Ms. Minxit on his right side and his sword on his left side. And here is another party! My uncle's creditors had the bad taste of carrying out a constraint during the ceremony. - Listen, what you are doing does not follow common French courtesy. Couldn't you wait until tomorrow and dine with us tonight? Miss, I've been forced to separate myself from you; I ask you to understand that this is nothing less than an order from the king, with which I must comply. At a later time, Mr. Minxit payed all of my uncle's debts, and surprised him at a late hour. - Pont-Casse took my daughter … and my money. - We must follow them, the could have only taken them to Paris. I'll come with you. See more on Number 6.
Series Title: 
Mon Oncle Benjamin
Translated Series Title: 
My Uncle Benjamin