Mon Oncle Benjamin, No. 6

Title: Mon Oncle Benjamin, No. 6
Translated Title: 
My Uncle Benjamin, No. 6
My Uncle Benjamin, No. 6 (continued). An hour later, my uncle and Mr. Minxit arrived in Carson. Around the only inn, with a bevy of old croaking. - Yes, Sir, they arrived less than an hour ago. - The young man died and his wife fell into the river. What actually happened … At the inn, Pont-Casse wanted to take a room that was already occupied with a traveler, with the argument that he had rented it. - Sir, I need this room. Please oblige by moving out. - Sir, I do not accept your proposition. Look, I'm asking you to please leave from here. - Ah! My Dear! They said that they were going to battle in the yard of Bon St. Martin. Pont-Casse's adversary had the privelege of choosing the weapons. Misery and happiness, all was over for poor Arabelle. See more on Number 7.
Series Title: 
Mon Oncle Benjamin
Translated Series Title: 
My Uncle Benjamin