Mon Oncle Benjamin, No. 7

Title: Mon Oncle Benjamin, No. 7
Translated Title: 
My Uncle Benjamin, No. 7
My Uncle Benjamin, No. 7 (continued). The death of his daughter was a fatal blow for Mr. Minxit. - Benjamin, you're my best friend. Tell me how much time I have left to live. - I want you to answer me. I require it. After tomorrow, there will be a house in mourning in this village. Exactly what I was thinking. Excellent diagnosis. I will take care of my affairs. What a doctor you are, Benjamin! Mr. Minxit did not want to go on being angry with life, and with this glass in his hand he pretended to say his goodbyes. At desert, a lawyer read Mr. Minxit's will. "I leave my house, my woods, and my fortune to Benjamin, who will execute my final wishes and continue to maintain the open table for my friends. I know him well enough to say that he will give to the poor. Signed, on the 12th of October 17--. - I do not want my death to be mourned, put a rose on your suit and afterwards have a drink of champagne, just leave petals on my grave. To your good health, your happiness, and may God keep those who have kids from losing them. See the end on Number 8.
Series Title: 
Mon Oncle Benjamin
Translated Series Title: 
My Uncle Benjamin