Petit Ange et Son Pantin, No. 1

Title: Petit Ange et Son Pantin, No. 1
Translated Title: 
Little Angel and Her Puppet No. 1
Little Angel and Her Puppet (part 1). An 8-part story, performed by Regine Dumien. A young wife, Gisele Aubry, and her young daughter, "Little Angel," cry at the disappearance of a husband, a father. Ruthless creditors are selling their furniture … -Your cradle, Regine! … Going once … Going twice … Going Thrice … Sold!!! - All of their precious belongings painfully scattered … - A portrait and its frame … 100 pennies. - Don't touch that, thief! … It's mama!!! - 100 pennies, my Mother! … and then it'll be yours! And that night, in front of a miserable dinner … Gee … eat your soup … it will make me grow … A messenger of happiness … an old friend of her husband … comes to offer Gisele Aubry a secretary job in Province Bank. - If you accept this position, here is a first-class permit, all I have to do is write your name on it. - Taking the early train in the morning, you'll be there in the day. - You're nice to Mama … I like you a lot!!! - On Sunday, I'll lend you mine! … - Angry?? And hope illuminated the miserable house. See more on Number 2.
Series Title: 
Petit Ange et Son Pantin
Translated Series Title: 
Little Angel and Her Puppet